Actress Nkechi Blessing says what she will do if Laycon doesn’t show gratitude to her

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing in a recent interview with Punch Newspaper has disclosed what she would do if Laycon did not show her gratitude when he comes out of the show.

The “Omoge Ididowo” actress said she would not feel bad if Laycon did not show gratitude for her support when he leaves the show. The actress stated she does not expect any reward for supporting Laycon and that even if Laycon fails to thank her when he comes out of the show that she would not hate him.

Nkechi Blessing said:

“Even without him winning, his family members, including his daughter and mum, are already calling to thank me for the little I’m doing. I don’t do these things for acknowledgement. My reward is not with any human being but God, so I don’t know why people think I am doing this for clout. I did not beg anybody for money. I am only doing what I feel is right. My kind of person helps everyone I can, whether I know them or not. A lot of people have even been insulting me that Igbo people are in the house and I’m supporting a Yoruba person. But, I do what my spirit tells me. If he comes out of the competition and doesn’t thank me, it wouldn’t make me hate him or not support him in future.”

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing is one of BBNaija Laycon’s known celebrity supporters. Others include Teni Makanaki and Odunlade Adekola. The 31-year-old-actress has been very vocal about her support for BBNaija Laycon right from the beginning. She is often seen canvassing for votes for the 26-year-old rapper on social media.

Speaking about why she supports Laycon, Nkechi Blessing said: “I support him because he is talented and intelligent. And I feel he has a lot in him to give out. It is not about physical appearance because there were lots of beautiful ladies and handsome men in the house (and there still are). Also, he has a special kind of grace that attracts people to him.”

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