Nigerian lady asks why most beautiful girls don’t have boyfriends

A beautiful Nigerian girl without a boyfriend

A Nigerian lady has taken to the Twitter platform to ask why most beautiful girls don’t have boyfriends.

There seems to be a near-general belief that beautiful girls tend to be more single than their not-so-beautiful counterparts.

Twitter user UZOAMAKA (@jennygodswill) asked the question on her Twitter page.

“Most beautiful ladies don’t have boyfriends ….. why?” she wrote.

Her post has since stirred mixed responses from Twitter users sharing their personal opinions.

One person wrote:

“In most cases, such ladies portray themselves as too expensive and guys with genuine intentions are scared of going close coz they feel they can’t afford her lifestyle. Also, most ladies feel too proud coz of their beauty.”

Another user joined: “Cos we assume they have a boyfriend and dey are expensive most times.”

One user suggested that beautiful girls are usually too self-centred.

She wrote:

“They’re too beautiful to think about others. They only care about themselves.”

Another person commented:

“People think they have boyfriends already or they feel she’s out of their league.”
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