Dating as a Plus-Size Person: How to Make It Work?

We are all attracted to different sorts of people – part of being human is that each of us has tastes unique to ourselves. More and more singles are particularly drawn to plus-size individuals. Why should this be? A lot of it is down to our DNA.

Males are attracted to women with larger breasts and bigger hips because they associate this with childbearing. If you’re a plus-size person, bask in the knowledge that you are in high demand! If you’re still apprehensive about finding love, let’s set your mind at rest. There are many ways to find a fulfilling relationship and to make this work.

1. Don’t hide who you are – stay yourself

One of the most important tips is not to put up any sort of front. Always be true to yourself. Be bold and confident. When the time comes to arrange a date or to upload a profile photo to a digital matching outlet, wear a figure-hugging outfit displaying your curvaceous assets in all their glory! Prospective partners will love this.

2. Explore online dating opportunities

The good news for you is that there is an entire community of voluptuous singles out there, with lots of admirers who love tapping into this demographic. Entire websites and apps are dedicated to finding a love interest for plus-sized singles. By checking out reviews of the best dating sites for big people, you can narrow down your choice of these outlets. Pore over assessments of which ones are most user-friendly. What extra functionality is on offer if you take out a monthly subscription? There will even be links taking you straight to the home page so that you can register and start flirting with singles looking for BBWs like you.

3. Accept the rejection is possible but don’t fear to risk

Singles who love dating BBW don’t treat this pursuit any differently than they would any other type of relationship. At the end of the day, anyone looking for dates will be drawn to many attributes. Your figure. Your dress sense. Most important of all, your personality. But the person who initially shows interest might end up ghosting you. That’s life, for BBW and others. So, before you get into anything, accept that anything is possible. Until you establish a true bond, the path toward romance can be rocky. Be prepared for the possibility that things might not work out, and you might be left feeling disappointed. But here’s the crucial aspect. Never allow doubts or apprehension to govern how you act. Be bold and take risks. A love life is never plain sailing all the way through, but if you can manage the downs with maturity, the ups will be even more rewarding.

4. Don’t sacrifice your core values for the sake of dating

Always be true to yourself. Maintain strong levels of integrity. Again, there’s no point trying to be something you’re not just for the sake of trying to keep a relationship going. Honesty is always the best policy. Always operate open lines of communication as you navigate the often tricky course of a plus-size partnership. If you have doubts or misgivings about anything, voice your opinions. It would be far better to clear the air than hold onto negative thoughts. The longer any problem is left unresolved, the greater the potential will be for this to derail your relationship at some point. There are so many ways to touch base these days, via texts, emails, WhatsApp messages, phone calls … or even traditional face-to-face conversations. There’s nothing like a good heart-to-heart to bring you closer together and reinforce your core values. This is a two-way process, as it will also build confidence with your partner.

5. Find a relatable role model among the celebs you like

Everyone has a shortlist of their favorite celebs and prominent people. Rather than simply following their activities in movies, gossip columns, or social media, take the time to pinpoint those who are good role models. There are many plus-size actresses who can command attention, playing characters who are always successful at dating. Christina Hendricks, a top-heavy Canadian with a pneumatic figure, caught everyone’s attention when she first appeared in US drama ‘Mad Men.’ Melissa McCarthy and Queen Latifah consistently portray women who aren’t afraid to flaunt their curves, commanding droves of male suitors.

Finally, an important point to keep in mind about a successful dating strategy is looking after your overall health. Whatever anyone’s physique, plus-sized, medium-build or slender, it is crucial to feel physically and mentally healthy. Go online to do some research about reducing anxiety or find out about recommended exercises to undertake regularly. Now you’ll be more than ready to get out there as a curvy individual, seeking romance and excitement.

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