Can Cats Eat Roaches?

Even the most sophisticated feline palate can’t resist the temptation of a good meal. From kale to cockroaches, it’s all the same to them as long as they hit their recommended 250.

While cats have no qualms about indulging in cockroach cuisine, their owners are left wondering: Should cats eat roaches, and if not, what are the alternatives? Well, the answer’s more nuanced than a simple “yes” or “no.”

Even so, it’s worthwhile to learn the facts about cats and roaches. With this knowledge, your pet could be saved from a potentially fatal meal.

Whether you’re a cat parent wondering about your fur baby’s peculiar dining habits or just have a cockroach infestation you want to solve, stick around for the fascinating details on the relationship between cats and roaches.

Should Cats Eat Roaches?

Yes, cats can eat roaches. Roaches are high in protein and fat, making them a good choice for your cat’s diet.

But there are some health risks. Some types of roaches carry bacteria that could make your cat sick. They may also be a choking hazard.

To avoid these issues, stick with dubia roaches like the ones here. There’s no risk of disease transmission with these insects.

What Happens If Cats Eat Roaches

If a cat eats a cockroach that has been sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals, the cat may become ill as a result. Some pesticides are toxic to cats when ingested in large quantities.

Cats are also prone to stomach issues and diarrhea when they eat roaches. Internal bleeding can also occur.

Why Does My Cat Eat Cockroaches?

Cats are predators. They have an eagle eye for spotting small insects and will go into full-on hunter mode to capture their prey. To them, roach consumption is a natural instinct.

Cats also eat roaches because they’re hungry. If your cat goes after bugs even though they’ve just eaten, they may just be looking for a snack. Try raising their portion size to see if that helps with their appetite.

How to Stop My Cat From Eating Cockroaches

In addition to feeding your pet a sufficient amount of food, make sure your cat has lots of toys. They’ll always have something to chew on so they won’t turn to eating bugs.

Another tip is to keep your residence clean. It keeps cockroaches out of your home, thereby preventing any chance that your cat will eat them.

Build Healthy Eating Habits in Pets

When cats eat roaches, they almost always have a good reason. Whether it’s instinct or hunger, it’s important to understand why your cat is eating them. Once you know the cause, it’s easier to help your feline friend overcome their desire for roaches.

Do your best to help your cat meet their hunger needs by making sure they have plenty of food. Maybe you can add a few extra treats, or try switching your cat’s diet entirely. Our blog has lots of feeding tips for pet owners so be sure to check them out.

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