Everything Wrong With ‘No Hard Feelings’ 2023 Movie

Written by Daniel Nkado

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Jennifer Lawrence really shined in this sex comedy. She was so natural and you could tell how much fun she was having playing this character. I think this role should establish her as a true rom-com talent and it will be exciting to see her in more comedy projects after this.

The story is fresh and sweet but faulty. Very faulty. I liked the progressive deviation from traditional plot lines, depicting women too can be slutty and still be hella amazing, sexually in control and able to manipulate and play men. Turn men into heartbroken sob daddies. I love it.

But on the other side, the premise of “No Hard Feelings” went too far it was hitting the wrong chord. Lawrence’s character (Maddie Barker) is 32, paid to “sexually enlighten” a 19-year-old boy. It is really funny but you have to shut down a part of your conscience and subconscious to really enjoy the comedy.

The film establishes the ugly truth that young boys are not offered the same sexual protection as girls. Imagine if Lawrence’s character were to be a 32-year-old man and Percy is a 19-year-old girl about to start college…the outcry would have been deafening.

I won’t lie, I enjoyed “No Hard Feelings” especially Jennifer Lawrence’s performance but it was enjoyment laced with some guilt. To make matters worse, the story concluded without clearly highlighting how wrong the actions of both Lawrence’s character and Percy’s parents were. And with Percy not getting any form of justice for what was done to him! Just horrible.

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