Sunday Discussion : She Thinks her Man Might be Gay

Happy Sunday, Mamas and Papas.

Seeing the much help gathered on the issue of the lady whose husband confessed to having slept with the sister, another DNB reader has emailed us with her matter.

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Now here is the message:

“We’ve been dating for some months now but I recently was going through his phone and saw a picture of two guys kissing. Does that make him gay? Other than this, there is pretty much no other suspicions I have had.”

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10 Comments on “Sunday Discussion : She Thinks her Man Might be Gay”

  1. Cos u saw 2 guyz kissing on his fone is nt enof evidence to show dat he is gay. Look for oda facts, ask him questions. Watch his reactions before u conclude
    i as a person will ask immediately i saw dat y he has such on his phone. Funny enof, he might nt no it is der.

  2. Exactly, Sekinat. A picture in a phone is not enough to confirm someone is gay. I think I agree with you that she should have asked. Communication is very important.

  3. He could be unaware. And the lady said it is a single picture. I once saved a picture of a gay wedding in Africa in my phone.

  4. I think you are reading too much meaning into this. My dear, now with whatsapp we have all kinds of pix on our phones. Pix sent in our group chats and all that.

    Its a single pix and moreover he isnt the one kissing another guy. Please just let go and free your mind.

  5. Victor, i dnt knw if you're aware but there's an automatic dwnload option on whatsapp. It dwnloads pix whether u online or not.

    He might probably not be aware there's such a pix on his phone. I agree wid Daniel and Sekinat.

  6. I agree with you, Naana. Especially on Android phones. Sometimes I see strange files on my phone that I didn't even know when I downloaded.

  7. The lady shld just free her mind. In relationships, we shld learn to communicate with our partners.
    Naana has a point.
    victor i hope with dis little point of ours we are able to convince u and nt confuse u.

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