Flash Story: Ill Listening

by Joy Amaka O

My friend, Adesuwa, has always been my relationship guide. She was the one that told me the secrets of finding and keeping a man, most of these secrets I find absurd, but I’ve always believed her.

She was the one that has stayed many years in Lagos, after all, studied in UNILAG and knew all about the social media.

What do I know? What do a College of Education graduate who has lived all her life in Abeokuta know?

As usual, I told my friend when I met Nduka. He is an Engineer and his company has just sent him to monitor the construction of a new plant in my town.

My friend came down to Abeokuta the next day so that I can introduce Nduka to her. So that she would assess him too, like she’d done the others.

Unfortunately, Nduka did not pass too. First, my friend did not like that Nduka was Igbo. ‘You are just wasting your time with him,’ my friend told me. ‘When he is ready to marry, he will go back to his village and pick a wife. Ah, omo-Igbo, I know them!’

Then she also disliked Ndu’s profession. ‘This one is even an Engineer,’ my friend continued. ‘Don’t you know them? Do you not fear them? Aggression is like their second name. Did you not hear of how Wale killed his wife?’

That was how I ended my relationship with Nduka.

He’d begged and begged, but I did not listen. I have to obey my friend’s judgement. She said I’d seriously regret it if I failed to.

‘Tell me why you are breaking up with me,’ Nduka cried. ‘Tell me, Lola, please.’

‘Nothing,’ I lied. ‘I just don’t want to continue with it anymore.’

Two months later, I was passing through Nduka’s house and decided to check on him. If not for anything, he had been very kind to me the few weeks we were together.

I knocked again on the silver door. I heard the sound of a bolt unlocking and then the door swung back.

My friend, Adesuwa, in a broad casual shirt and tight shorts, stood in the doorway staring at me.

Based on a true-life story.

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12 Comments on “Flash Story: Ill Listening”

  1. Ill listening indeed. Bad friends everywhere who are after ur crown nd glory. Be wise people.


  2. Ehnn! Wat did she do, was she staring back too? Chai dis na ill half story.
    na d action me dey expect. I hop there will b a sequel to dis story like ill packed action!

    jokes apart. Have a frd goin thru dis kind of tin presently. I don't no y some pple cant make decisions dem selves. Wait for pples approval.

  3. SHM for some people. They are so gullible, and wait till others make decision(s) for them. Hope that teach her a lesson

  4. What do you intend to see him for after choosing your friend over your heart? You want to eat your cake and have it? COME oga Daniel no end this story like this oooo!

  5. I support iyke. This story must nt end like dis or else wat happened in 1842 will repeat it self again.
    Dan u hear?

  6. Ok lemme complete the story for you people. She kicked her friend in the nose, slapped her and kicked her in the belly. Her friend screamed, 'Aye mi o! ' and grabbed her.
    The engineer came out with hammer and pursued them.

  7. Nawa o. Bad friends everywhere, but why must gals wait for d approval of ppl to be in a rship? Don't ur heart knows what he want?

  8. Hahhaha….mad man.
    Sorry guys, the story has ended. It is a flash story.
    You can manage Victor's ending though.

  9. Bad friends n foolish friends everywhere!
    Abeg is better to be an island than pertaining in diz sorry stories.

  10. Poor girl! I can imagine the look on her face as she stood face to face with her so called "friend" that's why I pray God deliver me from my friends I can handle my enemies. Then I prayed for my enemies to die and started losing my friends.

  11. lol @ victor n Daniel buh bad friends tho..I never let any friend dictate aw I live ny life sad fir Lola tho..well nduka shud blamed too e Cant say e doesnt know d friend

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