Joke: Mama Kate Goes To Hospital

by Zeus

Mama Kate is a fighter.

Everybody in the compound fear her.

She is huge and seems to have the strength of a tiger.

Nobody talks when she is talking.

This year alone, she has sent four people to the hospital.

But a new neighbour has just arrived.

Mama Kate does not know this.

Kate is crying one afternoon.

‘What is do you?’ Mama Kate asks her daughter.

‘Na the new neighbour beat me, Mama,’ Kate responds.

‘Neighbour beats you for this compounds? The neighbour no dey fears face? The person wey beats you na man abis na woman?’

‘Woman, Mama.’

‘Chai! Na woman beats you like this so?’

Two minutes later, Kate and her mother stop in front of the new neighbour’s door.

‘Na the places be this?’ Mama Kate asks.

‘Yes, Mama.’

Mama Kate pounds the door.


She hammers the door again.

‘Na who be that?!’ comes a male voice from inside the house.

‘Coming out o!’ Mama Kate answers. ‘We has come.’

Slowly, the door goes in and the muscle lady comes out.

‘Ehe, na who be the we?’ the lady asks.

‘I has not come for you. Go inside and calls me your wife.’

‘Mama, na she beat me o!’ Kate shouts. ‘Na she!’

‘I thinks you say na woman beats you?’

‘Mama, she be woman na!’

Mama Kate touches her daughter’s forehead. ‘Kate, you welling so?’

The muscle lady grabs Mama Kate.

‘Oga, abeg!’ Mama Kate pleads.

One blow, and then another. And another. A kick to the belly!

Ugwuoji Community Hospital – Ward 9

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13 Comments on “Joke: Mama Kate Goes To Hospital”

  1. Didn't laff till I saw the picture of mama Kate in the hospital. This one na better beating

  2. Hi, am a silent reader. Couldn't hold back from commenting for the first time. This is hilarious. Nice seeing people from opuswrites here too. Keep it up guys. U are very good writers.

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