Ebubedike and the Desertlings of Uforo – The End!


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Daniel Nkado is a Nigerian writer and the founder of DNBStories.com. Get his books on DNB StoreOkadaBooks or BamBooks!

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28 Comments on “Ebubedike and the Desertlings of Uforo – The End!”

  1. '‘The amazon warrior settled with Anene, the flutist. Together they produced the first clan of women known for beating their husbands.’'


  2. Thank God Ihuoma later survived and gave him a son.I love the story,it's all about love not battle really! Next week Thursday?

  3. Mmn! Reading this story made me feel as if I was watching a movie. Thank God Ebubedike's journey wasn't a waste. Excellent write up Mr. Dan. More grease to your elbow.

  4. Excellent writeup, was held spellbound to the end, you sure do know how to bring ur characters to life dan

  5. That's so wonderful. I love the end. Good job DNB stories. I buy ur ebooks soon, when a get a job n I know is soon.

  6. Story of love well told.
    Dan Ebube and ihuoma story
    Disneyworld shld come buy this frm u Dan and name it "The Warrior". Am sure it will b a Hit.

  7. Dan, you sure know how to keep me here. This is an excellent piece and I love the story of love and bravery here. Keep it up Dnb crew.

  8. I am truly wowed. This is nothing short of a masterpiece. I don't know how I feel seeing the word "THE END" but I was struck all the way. The intrigue is something else. Bravo!, DNB Crew. Words can hardly describe the beauty of this piece.

  9. The First Clan known for beating their husband got me laughing like a crazy woman. This story is good. Well done Dan.

  10. Iyke, next week Thursday, the first chapter of our next chapter story will be posted and everyone will have the chance of saying if the story will continue or not.
    We are DNB Stories, we cannot run out of stories!

  11. First time commenter,all time reader. Thank you dan. It was kick ass. …

  12. Aww dts lovely,finally read d last prt,been visitin evryday waiting for it,anxiously waiting for nxt Thursday to see d new story. Welldone dan.

  13. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! Dan dis story is superb, it get me sticks to it just like am watching a season film….. A story of true love, anene n d flutist later settle I wonder wat d woman will turn her husband too. Dan dis is rili interesting DNB is da bomb!!!!!

  14. No need to ask bros,you know the answer already.You have never disappointed us,so go on and publish it!

  15. gracious gracious
    I totally enjoy every bit if this story
    big up to sekinat for bringing me Here, u such a Darling
    pls when should we be expecting nna yi next story?

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