Gloria Talks…

Hello my DNB Peeps!

How una dey?

So last week, my talk was pulled down because of a complaint we got, which we now think we shouldn’t have anyway.

Much as we want to appear all social and tush [permit me to use this word, I like it] truth is, not all complaints are progressive. We know that now.

Not all that visit our site come to get entertained.

Moreover, all we do here is TELL our own stories, we can’t effectively do that if in constant fear of coming off as offending.

So our decision now is:

If you find anything offensive in any of our stories, put down a comment and from the reaction of others, we will decide whether or not to edit the contended part.

This, however, does not include stories that come with a preceding interstitial.
Okay, enough grammar!

So, finally, Ebubedike has come to an end. *Sobs.

Lovely story. Lovely characters. Dan has a way of making you feel like you’ve actually met the characters somewhere before.

I just hope that I am not a descendant of Anene and Ngeli o. LOLs.

So on Thursday, the introductory chapter of our next story will be posted and you will tell us if you like it.

Currently, we are having issues of choice, as we wouldn’t want to run similar genres at the same time.

But we’ll bring the best! We always do!

Tomorrow is the DAY. Yea!! The suspense is strong in the air. Tomorrow, we will find out what happened to one of our roommates.

April! She no dey hear word. You like Harry, you still follow Josh comot.

Loveth hasn’t yet recovered from what happened to her at the party.

Georgina nko! Madam all class and glamour is busy enjoying her 100K lee-lee money, till they come for her!

We dey wait!

Episode 9 of Roommates is titled – Tears Of A Roommate—and for the first time ever, you will see our roommates all in black.


Now you know you can pay us to mention your product in a story too!

Abeg, I hear say somebody touched Obinna in Lagos.

Nawao. Hope say our boy never go fuck up o! Trust Ada sha, she will boil Ore in hot water if she catches her.

But the truth is, where kwanu? Lagos far o! Something Bigger Than Love is really a long story. A very long story. You’d be amazed.

#Gunshot!!! [That’s our new term now]

#Gunshot to all our donors! You guys rock! But I don’t know why someone would choose to donate as anonymous.

The thing dey always baffle me. Allow us scream your name na. Let us announce you.

Imagine if na me come donate to a blog, una go put my picture there for one full year.

Anonymous ko!

Please know that you can donate anything to us, except your blood please. If you have an old property, sell it on OLX and then send us the money. Very very simple.

All our eBooks can be found in our store. You can buy them any day, any time, thanks to mobile bank transfer. You can also pay via PayPal if you are not in Nigeria.

#Gunshot to this week’s Top Commenter – Iyke David, Baba you too much.

Know that you can dedicate a story to a loved one on DNB Stories. We can help you write it and publish it for you. Very small price.

If you want your product mentioned in a story, you can also contact us.

My time has elapsed, see you all in the comments and have a wonderful weekend.

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25 Comments on “Gloria Talks…”

  1. Nne, thanks but i just dodge that gunshot oo! I told oga Dan that the trust the family have on you people, there is no kind of food that you prepare for us that we will ever think twice before we devour it! So we are eagerly waiting for Thursday story line! Have a pleasant weekend!!!!!!!!!! no lee-lee tins!

  2. Baba Iyke, u fear gunshot but you no fear our food abi…what if we come put small tin-rin poison inside Thursday own nko

  3. Love your stories. Glo, Glo with pride! U guys rock. Always enjoy both the stories & comments

  4. This article sounds great and worthy of commenting on. I think I should ask for your permission to share this content. Thanks once again.

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