Ebubedike and the Desertlings of Uforo – 12


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26 Comments on “Ebubedike and the Desertlings of Uforo – 12”

  1. Agbala-Iyi da alu ooo.
    i hop the wife has nt killed herself. This last part is full of suspense.
    the love btw ebube and d wife is strong for him to feel such omen even in a far distance.

  2. All not well at home ke? Ihuoma must not dieooooooooooooooh! I believe we are coming to the conclusion of the story!

  3. With a slight wave of hand, she sent her engulfed in flames. ….chai….powerful goddess
    I believe Ihuoma is still living
    nice one!

  4. Am so scared for Ihuoma, Mr Dan pls don't let her die ooo. This episode is really powerful i had goose bumps all over me. Thanks Dnb stories for always making my day.

  5. I was literally in that cave with ebubedike . don't know how you do that. But if ihuoma dies d story will not make sense again

  6. Patiently waiting for this Nigerian thriller. This story has inspired me to look more into Nigerian setting.

  7. I just read this part n got to ask, how do you fashion your dialogue, its just too wonderful.
    Not a huge fan of fiction but this was really good.

  8. Question
    ow did ebube no day it was agbala-iyi? I hop in episode 13, we will see ow he would get home coz am sure he is nt goin to trek back!
    Dan smileys no dey appear for d post? Why?

  9. 1. Agbala-iyi revealed herself.

    2. We'll see that next week

    3. Below the comment box, a smiley pack has been added. Just copy the code and add to your comment.
    You can try it out now. <3 B)

  10. Wow. Thanks for this Dan. Awaiting next week, and please don't kill iheoma's character. Biko.


  11. Oh, sorry, Sekinat. Victor decided to remove it. He said it's affecting our loading time. You can use hashtags. Apologies.

  12. Dan good job, abeg no kill ihuoma b4 her husband get home….. Well I trust u sef u won't want her die lolsssss feeling u bros.

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