Gloria Rambles…Again!


My DNB peeps, I greet you all!

Daniel has given me the job of rambling every Friday now. Not that I’m complaining though—after all, rambling has always been my thing.

It is more or less like punishing a rat with dry fish.

I got so much to talk about, but there is a word-length restriction so I will just manage my words.

First, I want to complain to all of you. Do you guys know that my comments go through an approval too before they show on the blog?

A whole editor like me. ***starts weeping***

Simply because I am a woman, chai. They said I don’t know how to do anything.
Baba God, in my next world I must be a man, a man like Ebubedike!


I pity the girls in that time though, because I will be a very stingy man. Even as a woman, my stinginess pass DSTV own.

The other day I was at the market to buy food items. I was already leaving when I discovered I have forgotten to buy Maggi. I checked my purse, the 5K he gave me has finished.

I have like 4K in my purse that is mine, but I wasn’t going to touch it.

I picked a bike all the way back to the house to collect N50 for Maggi and then back to the market.

Do you blame me? I already do enough na. After doing that one, I go come add financial support join? Hian! Na me kill Jesus?

That one aside, make we gist better gist.

Actually, I personally asked them to remove me from the admin page before I go scatter something.

I don’t know if anybody is as eager as me to find out what has happened to our beloved roommate.

Loveth, where are you?

Are we going to lose a roommate so early? God forbid! Let’s wait and see tomorrow. We will also find out how Georgina’s lee-lee date went.

Let me use this opportunity to beg our silent readers; please please please, if you are reading DNB Stories and have not commented ever, it means we don’t know you.

We don’t feel you.

It’s like living in a country without permit. Illegal immigrant. Refugee.

That is bad na, when your visa is only a comment away. So please always endeavour to comment.

If you use Opera-mini and it is not allowing you to comment, delete it and download a better browser. You need to see how DNB Stories opens on my Chrome browser.

It even looks better than on desktop. We have spent money to make our site beautiful, so please always comment.

I appreciate our current Top Commenters – Iyke, Pamela, Sekinat, Ijeoma and Emmanuel—you guys rock!

Baba Iyke has dey that top since, no moving. I hail.

Ok, before I go, let me do a little marketing.

Thanks to mobile and online transfers, you can now buy our eBooks any time and day you want. Even if it is 2a.m in the morning, once we receive your alert, we will send you the books you want.

Most smartphones now come with ebook readers pre-installed. If yours didn’t come with one, you can visit your respective app store and download one. It is usually free and there are many options. I use PocketBook on my Android and it’s awesome.

We are now in the digital world, no time for carrying heavy Paperbacks around.

And why are we even reading foreign novels when we can read our own stories.

Lastly, I want to advise those that are sending their works to us to always use simple English.

Sprinkle your big words, don’t litter them. It makes for easier read.

I changed the way I write after reading Dan’s The Village Girl. The simpler is the sweeter.

Have to go now, thanks a lot for the support.

Catch up with me with your comments!

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42 Comments on “Gloria Rambles…Again!”

  1. Hmmmmm,where do i start? ok ok, i don't even know that aunty Glo get too much sense! imagine having 4k in your purse and you pick a bike back home to collect 50# for Maggi! kai! did he give you money for bike back? So with this act tell me why won't your comets go through approval? [Dan take note] And then you said you will like to come back as Ebubedike,I have a goooooood news for you;go and ask Bruce Jenner the name of his doctor, i think he can help you without you waiting for when you will come back to the earth next time! And lastly tanx 4 mentioning my humble name among the commenters!

  2. Okay ma,we d silent readers wuld try to renew our visas always…bt babe,dt Maggi tin,u for just buy d Maggi n tell him money has fnshd so whn he gives u money for it u replace ur money n rest instead of stressin urslf to n fro d ur stories by d way

  3. Iyke you will not kill someone. Glo I have paid for the books. Dan actually sent me the book in Epub format. I downloaded the ebookreader. But it's still not opening. What do I do next? I use a Blackberry Q10. Please help.

  4. No b u kill Jesus my sister. After buying the maggi, if you forget pepper, go back and collect the money too jare lolzx. Thanksss
    that pic though, Lolz

  5. Lolsssss! Babe, your head dey there jare. No mind Dan abi na Victor, dey sabi use cartoon dey post my story.

  6. I'll wait to see Lisas problem solved before I buy my own books cos I'm using the same fone as hers. Can't wait for tomorrow to know what happens to Loveth.

  7. Hahaha
    @Gloria, we use pictures that match the content of the writing na

    @Lisa, I have sent you the PDF files.

    They shouldn't have any issue opening on your device, only that ePub files have more functions.

    There is an app called Epub Reader available for free download on Blackberry World. A patron said it works perfectly on her Z10.

  8. I just keep staring at dat pic and keep laughing…even my little boy saw it n was laughing too. Thanks for the beautiful stories dnb. If this comment goes tru i will love to see it on the blog. Thanks

  9. Okay, Michie. You can also request for PDF versions of the books. It opens with no hassle on every BlackBerry device

  10. I luv evry tin abt dnb, d pix really got my attention
    Mama glo u dey try o, abeg next tym if u kom as a man stay faaaaaaar away 4rm d north so dt i wont b a victim. Ur stinginess nah die, loooolz

  11. I decided to comment first before charging my phone to 100% (currently at 97%) or do you think I should charge my phone first, pick it up later and comment just as Gloria left the market to go get more money when she already had some in her purse.

  12. I just loving reading comments, actually it's more interesting Dan the story itself. All Tanks to Madam ijeoma for telling me about this blog. While growing up I can't do without reading my novels n story books afterwards my 3 soldiers occupy most of my time so I barely touch my books. All Tanks to u am back to reading. Its my hubby. Keep the flag flying@ Glo mama n Dan u guys r simply amazing

  13. Glo u got me dere…joke of d decade and haba can i be an illegal occupant ehhhh!!!but babe u sha…u can hold onto money for been a fan of dnb..u guys re doing a grt work..but come ohhh!!Dan y must Glo comments be approved first ehhh?stay blessed

  14. Ur visa is signed and stamped victor. They say i'm stingy, even colleagues at work, yet i buy everyone sweets every morning. Better buttermint and jenka chewing gum.

  15. eehen! a whole mama Glo comment also has to be approved. If u stingy, u no fit c gal marry u o. Eagerly waiting for 2mao episode of Roomates

  16. Mama glo I hail ooo. First time commenting here, am so happy* dancing shoki* am rili enjoying u peep, can't wait 4 2mao roommate!!!!

  17. Mama glo I hail ooo. First time commenting here, am so happy* dancing shoki* am rili enjoying u peep, can't wait 4 2mao roommate!!!!

  18. Michie girl I have gotten the pdf versions and it opened without a hassle in my phone. Waiting for midnight to devour my books.

  19. U re most welcome dear. There's one other 'amazer' too, Lolz, oga vicky by name…u r welcome once again

  20. First off, na Amaka I follow come from naijasinglegirl and I just want to say you guys are doing a superb job here. Well done!!!

  21. Tryin to comment since. Don't no if na network.
    it can only b Glo day can bring every one out of their shell. Tanks Glo for the mention, am honoured.
    still following all d way. Could remember wen it all started. Sometimes no comment. Sometimes i and lillipet's comments.(don't no ow she is,doin) Bt no the story has changed.
    my all our stories change,for gud ijn.
    thanks to all DNB CREW. more power to ur elbow, to all day commented and following humbly tanks.
    #chai,see speech. Take a bow.

  22. Actually this is my first time commenting, I just want to say u guys are doing a great job, keep it up


  23. I am not in the closet am I? I really enjoy all your stories.

    Mama G – Ekunowo oh! Ur principle na die! What is mine is mine and what is yours is ours abi? We dey your back o jare! LOL!!

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