Roommates: Episode 7

Sleep In Peace, Loveth!

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30 Comments on “Roommates: Episode 7”

  1. @least Geo is also useful. if not for her, loveth could av been raped. Can't wait to read abt Geo and Mrs Onuwa. tnkz for d update Glo mama

  2. Am so wowed!!! Dan n mama Glo am so glad wit dis update……. Dis Georgian gan sef bcos of money she wan do lee lee tin…… Loveth sorry ooo hope dat nigga didn't touch u yet……. April if ur bf caught u admiring an out cast ehn u go hear am!!! Once again Dan am so appy I can comment now bcos have been trying since 1915. Lol

  3. Georgina girl.i love this story waiting for the meeting.i really thank my friend for hooking me up with this page

  4. Hmm, Georgina take am easy oh, Glo mama e bi lyk u go dey drop the meanings of some words in this story.

  5. Sleep in peace qua??? Fear catch me sef. glad nothing happened to her
    @Pamela and sekinat, knock knock! where re u guys nau, since ystrdy?

  6. Mama Glo's rambling got 2 me yestadai…I av decided to become a legal citizen of dnbstories. A formal intro: am Vanessa Kukoyi,bin fllwing dis blog 4 a while now.@mama glo and Dan,nice piece. winks

  7. What was the sleep in Peace for naa? Haba can't believe my heart was racing. Lee Lee! Love of money!

  8. Me too, was already thnking anoda thing. I swear Georgina no do the lee-lee.
    Waitin for next episode

  9. Wow! Captivating… Can't wait for the next episode. And so I have decided to become a legal citizen of dnbstories, courtesy of Mama Glo's rambling.

  10. I think am beginning to like Georgina, very calculating and always on point! Like to see the style of lee lee she will give Mrs. Onwa next week.

  11. Georgina!! u too tear eye. Thank God sha – ur open eye has its usefulness. See d way u rescued Loveth from d lion's den. As for this ur e-le-le-le-le runs, hmnnnnnnnnnn. Make breeze no blow fowl yansh oh!

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