Daniel Nkado: Become You

by Daniel Nkado

I can’t believe I’m writing this.

But I am.

Over the years there were so much I thought I could never do again—ever!

There are so many books, articles, writings, that told me it was okay to feel frustrated, hurt, dejected, rejected, all sorts of terrible feelings.

They told me I would heal—eventually.

Some proffered principles which sounded very great on paper, and on the lips, but not so much in reality.

Because life doesn’t play by the rules.

There are no principles to life.

You may scream and shake your head when I say this, but no one can tell you the things to do to make your marriages work, or to find the perfect man, to get rich, or become famous.

What worked for them may not work for you.

Most likely.

People come to me for advice a lot but I’m usually afraid to say anything.

Because I know what I know may not work for them.

And it is true.

That a well-known pastor said it, or a famous celebrity, or a renowned motivational speaker, doesn’t mean it’s going to work.

Doesn’t make it standard.

Because life is not a chemical reaction where Sodium and Chlorine will always come to Sodium Chloride.

Life is much more than that.

Your Sodium can combine with Chlorine to give water instead, or give nothing at all, or result in an unknown compound even.

One yet to be discovered.

That is life.

There are no standard principles.

Good people turn bad. Bad people become good. Smokers do not always die young.

I think with this knowledge you can become …wait, I wasn’t going to say better.

I do not think better should be used to qualify people. It takes a good portion of good, bad and a whole lot of other things to make a human.

I was going to say become in charge.

In life, the reactions don’t obey any principle, but you still can control what you put in, when you start, the things to withdraw, some you could add— most times, it’s always entirely up to you.

It’s usually very easy for us to give up our being, sometimes consciously, though most times not.

But it is left to you to determine what matters more, if the pain is really worth it.

A lot of people say you should work on your weaknesses, but I do not agree with that.

You can only become better at what you are good at.

So why waste time at the mechanic trying to fix what you do not know the origin when you should be constructing, creating, moving, living.

Take charge of your life today. Make your own decisions.

Become you.

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12 Comments on “Daniel Nkado: Become You”

  1. Beautiful. Very true and original. But while we are trying to become who we should really be according to GOD'S I plans , we should also pray and ask for guidance and the spirit of discerning. Good morning people.

  2. Hahahaha! Daddy you said I am a science disaster? Ngwa come and hear o, Dad said if you mix sodium and chloride it can give you water. Hahaha. Lovely pieace.

  3. Your on point!! but i think one should seek advice on what bothers him/her because two heads is better than one. Thanks Dan!

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