Flash Story: The Flower Thief

by Nnenna Okolo

A man was coming out of a flower shop with a bouquet of roses. It was Mother’s Day and he can’t wait to get home and present the flowers to his mom.

While standing at the edge of the road waiting for a bus, a rose fell from the bouquet.

A little girl ran quickly and picked the flower before he could.

‘Give it back!’ the man yelled.

The girl shook her head.

‘I said give it back, will you?’

The girl shook her head still.

Enraged, he slapped her. ‘Give it back now, you silly rat!’

Instead, the girl ran across the road with the flower.

Now very furious, the man picked a long stick from the ground and ran after the girl.

The girl ran into a nearby cemetery and the man quickly followed.

Some few steps he saw the girl crouched in front of a tombstone.

He walked quietly to her, stood behind her and read the words the girl has written down on the stone with chalk.

‘A rose for you on Mother’s Day, mom.’

Battling to hold back a tear, the man divided the bouquet into two and gave half to the little girl.

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9 Comments on “Flash Story: The Flower Thief”

  1. nice one. I have always believed there is a reason to every action people take even when they seem wrong to others.A flower thief indeed!

  2. Uhm a prayer for mama,it's your birthday soon mum.another birthday,I hope you are celebrating with the angels

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