How Human Beings Came To Earth

by Ram Charan Shekar, PhD

Earth was created nearly 4.6 billion years ago. Life started approximately 3.8 billion years ago, that’s around 800 million years after the creation of earth in our solar system.

Primitive life forms – singlecelled and multicellular organisms were created on earth through a yet not completely understood Abiogenesis process.

Since then, life has flourished here on EARTH, nurtured by the prevailing atmospheric conditions and majorly powered by the heat radiated out of the Nuclear-Fusion Power House – The SUN.

This algorithmic process of Abiogenesis-Evolution repeated over billions of years created many large and complex life forms in our ecological systems, each serving a specific purpose and forming an essential component in a large complex interdependent biological structures.

A second wave of Abiogenesis-Evolutionary process emerged when a new set of data – the Ancient Ancestors of Humans started to appear around 3.5 million years ago.

The algorithmic Abiogenesis-Evolutionary had made some configuration changes in its new data set – Humanoids, who had changed from quadrupedal form to bipedalism which is probably suspected to have triggered the development of advanced features of Modern Human Brain over a few millions of years of processing.

Now the Present Human earthlings have dominated this world through Scientific Progress and the establishment of a very complex and utilitarian social structure facilitating congenial Human existence.

Now it would be just prudent on part of every human earthling to appreciate the Investment of 3.8 billion years made by the Abiogenesis-Evolution algorithmic process and zillion watt hours of incessant Solar Radiation, facilitating the development of complex, intelligent and tellurian life forms operating over earthly resources and subsequently yielding Humans!

The Dataset of second wave of algorithmic Abiogenesis-Evolutionary process- Humans have been created for a rather special purpose, focusing on consciousness, awareness, Intelligence and Knowledge. 

So Humans would have to judiciously utilize the resources and contribute positively and progressively towards this Abiogenesis-Evolution process by enhancing the entropy of Humans which form the pre-eminent and conscious Dataset, in every aspect of survival and existence!

Just imagine this: if it was possible to simulate and if we do accidentally stumble upon simulating this algorithmic Abiogenesis-Evolutionary process over a simulation platform like a computer, would it be optimal for a data set to just saturate as a self aware and self sufficient conscious entities? Would it not be an inefficient effort to iterate over a stable, entropically non increasing data set? Also the inefficiency and an overhead of 3.8 billion years of computation resulting in lack of iterative progress and saturation would be non-optimal.

Every human has to realize the investment of 3.8 billion years and incomprehensibly large amounts of solar energy utilized for Human Existence and it should be valued by aligning one’s path and dedicating one’s life towards contribution and the progress of Humans – which primarily forms the advanced data set of this Abiogenesis-Evolution process and enhance this process by increasing the entropy.

Humans would have to be conscious about resources and are strongly required to analyze each of their actions and practices and its implications on the entropy of the data sets – Mankind/Human Society and Algorithmic Abiogenesis-Evolutionary process.

The Humans would have to verify whether the activity/practice has an optimal utilization of resources and will this activity/practice help one in undertaking sociobiological responsibility and make a positive contribution towards nature’s investment of approximately 3.8 billion years ? 

Analyze the global impact by suggesting this activity/practice for a broader section of humans. Humans would have to responsibly lead their life as though they are the last representative and surviving member of an endangered species and make a positive contribution towards the progress as a conscious entity!

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  1. I thought that this oga's name is DANIEL?
    Oga Daniel, are you still a christian?
    Because you are confusing me with these your recent posts ooo!

  2. Hahaha. Articles posted on DNB Stories reflects the opinion of the writer and not the opinion of DNB Stories, or any of its editors.
    That said, I think the post presents an interesting arguement.

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