Tanzania has the World’s Healthiest Children

Tanzania has the world’s fittest children, a study by Australian scientists has found.

The fitness levels of 1.1 million children aged between nine and 17 from 50 countries were tested.

The children were made to do what’s called a 20m shuttle run, which measures aerobic fitness.

Grant Tomkinson, one of the lead researchers on the University of South Australia report, told the BBC’s Newsday programme that Tanzania probably came top because they were more active:

“You probably find that they’re obliged to be physically active so that’s why they’re at the top.”

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4 Comments on “Tanzania has the World’s Healthiest Children”

  1. It is possible. In those days children in Nigeria were very strong n healthy. Bcos we ate fresh natural food like palm kernel, coconut,guava,mangoes plucked directly from trees. Walk long distances to farm,school.play with other children outside even at night when dia is full moon.drink herbs when sick etc but nowadays,our children are ajebo.Tanzania is not well developed as Nigeria. Give them 20 years from now,their children if pampered d way we are doing to ours will not ranked d strongest.my 2cent

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