When you flirt with a Deeper Life girl…


by Purity Xcel

Flirting with a deeper life girl be like…

Boy: Hi, bae, what’s up?

Deeper Life girl: Please my name is Grace not Bae

Boy: OK. So, Grace, how are you?

Deeper Life girl
: The Lord is my strength

Boy: OK, what are you doing now?

Deeper Life girl: I’m cooking

Boy: Aw, should I come and help you?

Deeper Life girl: I can do all things through Him that strengthens me…

Boy: Hmm. OK o. At least I will come after you might have finished cooking the food so that you will serve me some..

Deeper Life girl: Please, please I only serve the Living God!

Boy: OK, Sister Grace what are you wearing now?

Deeper Life girl: I’m wearing the full armor of Jesus Christ!

Boy: It’s alright. I give up.

Deeper Life girl: The Lord is your strength. Go in peace.

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