10 attributes of mentally strong people

by Roman Saini

For the past few years, I have devoted each and every day of my life to reach closer to the below mentioned goals, which I think are the core aspect of being mentally strong.

1. Be like the Joker

Do you remember Heath Ledger or Jack Nicholson playing the role of this iconic villain. His sole aim in life was to create anarchy and spread chaos. The key word here is SOLE. Monomaniacal, bloody-minded and ruthless focus on a solitary goal is often the single most important quality of mentally strong people.

2. Focus on basics first and details later

A person was caught after many years of successful robberies and theft. When asked why he was so successful in committing these crimes, he replied, ‘I always go where the money is.’ Mentally tough people stay focused on developing the essential skills. Never drifting aloof or beating around the bush. But coming directly to the point. No point in learning about how many years ago frogs did arrive on earth, if you don’t know the definition of evolution. Got what I am saying?

3. Don’t control what you can’t

They never waste time, energy and resources in factors which are simply beyond their control or are extremely unpredictable.

4. Rejoicing to the success of others

Getting motivated from success of other people, without any resentment or hatred. They constantly learn from such events, in turn increasing their probability of being successful.

5. Embracing solitude

Enjoying one’s company. Never fearing being left alone by everyone else. Though they may be alone, they are never really lonely.

6. Vicarious learning

Learning from mistakes of others facing similar circumstances. You won’t live long enough to make all the mistakes by yourself nor can you afford to make the same mistakes again and again. So, learn from as many sources as possible and learn fast.

7. Not dwelling on the glorious (or pathetic) past and never afraid of CHANGE

Remember Ganguly before retirement or Yuvraj, Sehwag in current IPL. Their selection was solely based on their past records. Such reputation doesn’t mean anything to mentally strong people. Aussies success of playing 7/11 World Cup finals, is the result of their sheer mental strength and respect for current form and not past reputation.

8. Always in control

Having all the power with themselves, without devolving it to anyone else. This means being in charge all the time. And not being made vulnerable by others.

9. Delayed gratification

Doing the hard thing, without expecting immediate success. They are also faced by multiple alternatives, which give them instantaneous pleasure and a kick of hedonism. But they constantly fight against this urge to give in, and they keep pushing forward.

10. Maximum overlap between reality and perception of reality

Neither being pessimistic nor optimistic. Always being pragmatic and realistic. It is very easy to be carried away by what ought to be than what really is. Knowing what is real, how our world actually works and aligning your thought process with that, is the hallmark of being mentally strong.

I missed so many qualities while trying to limit this list to 10. Please comment below what you think are essential ingredients of being a mentally strong individual. Will compile all of them and share it on numerous social media platforms.

Roman Saini is the co-founder of Unacademy. A small cog in nation building.

Voracious reader. Believer in accessible high quality education.

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2 Comments on “10 attributes of mentally strong people”

  1. Nice points Roman:
    Mentally strong people:
    don’t get into conversations just for the win, but to both teach and learn
    don’t have a need to be right at all cost
    observe instead of judge
    draw conclusions instead of looking for reasons to feel superior
    don’t get involves with time wasters, both people and activities
    they fall down, but always pull themselves back up
    experience misfortunes, but always come back from the with double the strength they had
    are influencers and connectors, because they genuinely enjoy helping people
    are not afraid of a challenge
    are able to see the positive in the bleakest of situations
    are not afraid to give more than they get

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