Why African mothers are the best

by Zeus

Ask any African child which of their parents they like the more, the answer will invariably be:

“My mother!”

According to research by DNB team of pseudo-scientists, this great love of our mothers is due to one special attribute only possessed by African mothers.

Something African fathers can never dream to rival.

It is their ability to bring food home from any ceremony.

You don’t need to attend the wedding or child naming, once your mother is there you are fully represented.

Whatever food [and drink too] that is served at the wedding is coming right home to you.

Ever wonder why your mother carries a special bag to weddings instead of her regular small purse?

In fact every occasion has its own special bag. The class of the celebrant also plays a role in determining the size of the bag to carry.

Thumbs up to all the mothers in the house jare!

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