Top 2 most symbolic Nigerian Igbo foods

by Staff writer

“The Igbo man does not joke with his stomach,” writes Daniel Nkado in one of his books — a statement that has ever proven to be true.

From the assorted variety of soups to meticulously prepared snacks, the great inhabitants of the Eastern part of Nigeria are well known for their remarkable delicacies.

But of all the notable dishes the Igbos are known for, the significance of these two cannot be easily over-emphasized.

1. Ukwa

Ukwa (bread fruit) is a well known Igbo dish, mainly served in big ceremonies like traditional weddings and coronations.

To further demonstrate how special this meal is, the ukwa served in ceremonies rarely go round all the guests as it is usually reserved for the high class in attendance.

Unlike other staples like rice, yam or beans, ukwa is sparingly prepared in households. It is expensive and time-consuming to make.

Ukwa is prepared in porridge form, usually with dried fish and a small quantity of corn.

2. Abacha (sometimes called African Salad)

This is another delicacy the Igbos do not joke with. Though prepared more frequently than ukwa in most families, abacha is also a ceremonial meal.

Recipes may slightly differ according to region, but abacha is usually served with meat, fish or kpomo and such vegetables like the garden egg and utazi.

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