7 ways to know you are a fine boy

by Sexy Pat

Are you one of those individuals still uncertain about their fine boy status?

These signs will tell you if you are one of them, or simply not:

1. They are shy

Fine people are usually self-conscious. Enter a room filled with boys and ask them to take off their shirts, the first ones to obey will usually be the not-so-cute ones.

If you think this is a lie, remember that fine boys have grades. This article is targeted on Grade-One fine boys.

2. They suck at relationships

Dating a fine boy is like sleeping in a room filled with vanilla ice cream. You are not quite sure if you are really in love or simply satisfying your sexual appetite.

3. They are usually broke

Fine boys are usually broke. The ones lucky enough to cross the line will most likely be stingy.

4. They are lazy in bed

It is during sex with a fine boy that you hear funny comments like: ‘I don’t suck basement’ or ‘Baby, why didn’t you shave?’

The not-so-cute ones will care less about whether you shaved or not. If worse comes to worst, they will shave you with their teeth and carry on with the job! No time.

5. They are usually dumb

Most fine boys are dumb, no offense. They don’t care about those intelligent things potential lovers talk about.

Tell a fine boy you are a vegetarian and they will ask you: ”You mean you sell ugu?”

6. They are mostly single

I don’t know the actual reason for this, but fine boys can know how to be single.

The few girls they move around with are usually their cousins or casual sex partners.

Even that his so-called girlfriend is probably a side chick with a doctorate degree.

7. They dominate the ex-kingdom

Every girl’s ex is probably a fine boy.

We hate them, but we secretly pray they come back someday.

Fine boy love dey be like juju. 

You will not even know when you sell your father’s house and give him the whole money to travel abroad without you.


This article was written exclusively for DNB Stories. Do not copy.

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