Saudi prince boards a plane with his 80 hawks

by Staff writer

A Saudi prince just decided to spice up his plane travel by bringing along a few friends.

Reddit user lensoo shared a photo a friend of his took on a plane:

“My captain friend sent me this photo,” he said.

“Saudi prince bought tickets for his 80 hawks.”

Hawks on a plane

The photo demonstrates just that: 80 hawks on a plane with their owner, each bird on its own seat and fully attended to.

What could be stranger? Well, we’ve seen snakes on a plane.

Perhaps a good old adventurous African prince can raise the notch a bit and give us “Elephants on a Plane!”


Though it may seem odd to some, seeing falcons on a plane in the Middle East isn’t actually all that uncommon.

One Redditor who commented on the post points out that the flight probably wasn’t Qatar economy class.

According to him the airline has a policy that only six falcons are permitted in economy class at a time.

Another Redditor shared a post from four years ago, showing a very similar situation.

While falconry has been described as a “ancient tradition” for the “privileged few” in areas like Saudi Arabia, it’s still unclear why anyone would need this many birds of prey.

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