Top 13 Jobs Mostly Affected by Depression

by DNB All-Editors

and some other factors aside, technically, any profession where you
constantly give in a lot more than you gain is prone to lead to

In no particular order, here are our top 13 depression-prone careers:

1. Healthcare workers

group includes therapists, doctors and nurses. These people tend to
give and give and give. Dentists seem to be the worst off as no one
wants to see them ever. Constantly seeing folks die doesn’t help issues
in any manner.

2. Nursing home/child-care workers

you are at the base level of feeding, bathing, and caring for others
who are incapable of wiping their own butt, it takes God’s grace to keep
you firm and standing.

3. Wait staff

guys often get low pay and never catch a break. And while on top of it,
still receive a lot of screams from bosses and customers who never get

4. Teachers

The pressure is from
every direction. They also rarely get off the clock as work is brought
home too. And most of them use their poor pay to buy things their
classroom needs! With time, they learn to do so much with so little.

Most even take up labour jobs in the summer to supplement their income. The public has no idea, and doesn’t even seem to care!

5. Creative folk

Artists, writers, actors, musicians, entertainers, and even programmers now!

Irregular pay checks, uncertain hours, and the amount of isolation one is often exposed to can wreak havoc on the mind.

You never are secure, never are sure about anything. More, more, and more is demanded from you every minute of the day!

6. Administrative support staff

You have to be on 100% at all times, and change whenever the boss does.

Receptionists especially! Like a well-trained dog, you never take your eyes off the pack leader, or potential food.

7. Accountants and financial advisers

Other people’s money!

thousands or millions for other people and at the same time reassuring
them that it is going to be in their best interest, while having
absolutely no control in the technical sense is the real definition of

8. Salespeople/marketers

salespeople work on commission, meaning you never know exactly when your
next pay check is coming in! Or if the last account is going to
suddenly quit on you. You really are only as good as what just happened
to you the previous month.

It’s like sleeping on shifting sand.

9. Maintenance people

Every time there is something wrong or broken they call you. Day or night, no one cares. And it doesn’t ever stop.

They only want to see you when something is broken. But really you are the person who needs fixing.

10. Lawyers

Everyone hates your guts. Every conversation is tactical. Every word you say can cost or make you money. Mistakes are scary.

hours, little time for family or personal engagement, a highly
competitive field, and constant scrutiny, tend to make a double life
virtually mandatory.

Eventually the house of cards always falls.

11. Defense people

especially. Carrying around that which can take away life in a single
click isn’t easy, coupled with uncertain posting and unquestionable

12. Social workers

Constantly dealing with disaster and all the ill processes that come with it.

Seeing the never ending line of abused children, poverty, addiction and disability, it really gets to you.

13. Sex workers

Having to touch people you ordinarily wouldn’t come close to. Those unpleasant foul-mouthed perverts.

Or watching helplessly as they touch you—Oh lawd!



Life is short, do whatever makes you happy!

If you can’t find it, keep dreaming of it while in the meantime still giving your best at your present job!

Be nice to anyone that renders a service to you.

If they are exceptionally good, you can tip them, or say a surprising ‘Thank you so much for your service’.

If they are not good, don’t tip or thank them!

If they are nasty, complain to their boss. No employee has the right to take out their frustration on a customer.

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