“My experience with Nigerians”

by A. McNamara

Not all Nigerians are bad people.

Like the rest of us all, there are nice and bad people in every race in the world.

However, talking about Nigerians and if they are really bad people, I have encountered quite a few.

First Nigerian guy I met, he was a very polished chap but could not stop lying.

At the end, I stopped believing all his tales.

The second Nigerian guy I met, he could not accept the word, ‘No.’ He went mad when I turned him down until he started stalking me.

The third is a family of Sonny Odogwu.

The old Sonny Odogwu needs 24-hour care after being discharged from a private hospital in London. His family got a nursing care help from my agency to care for senior Chief Odogwu.

Well, to make the story short, I find his family extraordinarily odd.

Wife of Chief Odogwu portrayed a religious woman but she did not practice what she learned from the Bible and neither practiced a good Christian.

She is very domineering, mean, suspicious and behaves like she is above everyone.

One occasion, I was so shocked when she screamed at her poor housekeeper who was out of sight due to an aching foot.

She treated her helper like a slave.

One time, I made to go up the stairs to get a pair of gloves, she questioned me saying I was not allowed to go upstairs because their house is not a hospital.

Instead, she shouted at her helper to get a box of gloves left inside senior Odogwu’s room.

The very weird thing is the food cooked by senior Odogwu’s wife. Senior Odogwu would never dare to eat them.

The poor old man thought his family is going to poison him.

I noticed, this family do not trust each other in the house. They had a daughter called Obby, a spinster, she too a very horrible woman.

Like her mother, she behaves to be above every one else.

She had a good fight with one lady from my agency that she ended up hurling a fork across her face.

The senior Chief Odogwu is a little bit better than his wife.

He is a bit reasonable and had a wicked sense of humour, but the wife, she is one terribly bad lady.

I am not sure if all Nigerian families do not trust each other in the family circle. Or if they thought members of their family are capable to betray them.

Perhaps, it is a norm in Nigeria not to trust one another in the family.

The irony is that this family are God-fearing people, but they seem to not practice their Christianity in real life.


A. McNamara

I travel. I camp.

My life is exciting; it is composed of many colourful shades. Through tough times and good times in my life, I gained invaluable experiences that made me the person I am today.

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  1. Poster get PhD for gossiping sha. Any way I bliv the correct spelling of d name is Sunny and not Sonny

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