Woman accused of paying 15-year-old boy for sex

by Staff writer

A woman from Port St. Lucie, Florida is accused of paying a child hundreds of dollars for sex, police say.

Police arrested 38-year-old Rebecca McGraw Thursday on five counts of sexual activity with a minor.

They say the relationship began a little under a year ago at the Sail Pointe Apartments, now known as the Water Leaf Apartments.

Brian Miller who also lives at the complex said he was surprised to hear what had been happening in his community, especially since he has three young boys himself.

“Sick. It’s just disgusting that someone could even have a mindset to do that,” Miller said.

Authorities say the investigation began after Port St. Lucie Police conducted a follow-up investigation into prior accusations of child abuse and sexual molestation.

According to the Police Department, detectives learned Ms. McGraw, an assistant manager at the Sail Pointe Apartments, was having a sexual relationship with a child at the complex.

Police said she would pay the boy up to $300 for the sexual encounters.

Investigators said she’d also let him use her debit and credit cards, and drive her car.


Credit: WP TV

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