Man hid wife’s body in freezer for 8 years!

by Staff writer

News of a man who hid his wife’s body in a freezer so he could continue collecting her Social Security benefits has been revealed by the man’s successors.

Authorities in Florida say the new inheritors of Allan Dunn’s house have repaid the government for all the money he took when they discovered what he did.

Prosecutors say Margaret Dunn died at home in 2002 and Allan Dunn hid her body in the freezer.

He then collected her Social Security benefits until he died in 2010.

Following his death, authorities learned Dunn’s wife was dead.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said in a news release the heirs sold Allan Dunn’s condo in Sun City Center, a retirement community south of Tampa, and paid $15,743 to the Social Security Administration.

The successors, who didn’t know Dunn had hidden his wife’s body, agreed to waive their right to inherit the condo and sold it instead.

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