Would you hit your parent back if they hit you first?

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Two answers, different opinions!!!

Would you hit your parent back if they hit you first?

Magda Selmeci says:

The first time I asked this question, I was 4 years old.

My mother hit me and I hit her back. Then she grabbed my hands and hit me several times much harder.

So I figured one thing out instantly. I can’t hit her back, because I am small, she is big — I can’t win. So I started to daydream of the day when I’ll be the stronger one.

Boy! Will I hit her back!! Then the day came when I became stronger. But I did not hit her back. By that time I realized my dependency relation with her. I had heard the saying: ‘Dogs don’t bite the hands that feed them’ many times.

So I dithered from hitting my mother and continued daydreaming about the day when I could become independent.

Then that day came. And I did not ever want to hit her. By this time she did not hit me again. Guess what! I realized that she loved me, and I loved her. I understood that I could never dream of doing things for her to pay back everything she did for me.

I wish I had her now. Wouldn’t even care if she hit me.


Vanessa Stabares says:

Would I hit my parents back if they hit me first?

Well, if you are already at the age to understand the basic things around you, you can be taught things without the need of a beating.

If your parents do hit you, then you must defend yourself. People talk about how you can’t hit them back because they’re “your parents”.

But good parents wouldn’t hit their child for anything. Not even punishment. There are other ways to impart discipline.

You are a person, no matter the age; therefore, they must respect you just like you must respect them. Respect is a two-way street.

If they are going berserk on you because, for example, you returned back home with bad grades, they’re showing how unpredictable they can be, and what low maturity they have when it comes to coping with anger.

That shows their irrationality, and that they are a bomb that can go off at any moment. If you did something wrong that made them angry, you can apologize, but that doesn’t give the parent a reason to hit you.

No one would accept that if it were from our boss, our friends or teachers, so why with your parents? They need to know you are a human being too, and by hitting you they are attacking you.

And you have the right to defend yourself. Not stay there and calmly receiving all the beating! Your health is more important! Of course, it’s better to try to talk things out, but if you see a punch coming your way, block it, avoid it, get out of there!

Your health could be at risk. Talk about it after the water’s calm.

You can seek family counselling if necessary. But don’t stay there receiving a beating from those that are supposed to be protecting you.

These are my two cents.


What’s your own answer?

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  1. It’s shocking how many people are going to be bad parents after reading different articles. Anyway good luck never minding physical abuse and mimicking that same behavior to your children in the future

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