‘I thought you said GOAT’ – Funniest court experience!

by Zeus

A man was brought before a High Court judge after a 72-hour psychiatric hold.

The man claimed he was having sexual intercourse with a ghost.

After many long hours of discussing the impossibility of such a thing, the judge apparently became a flustered with the man.

But the man held fast to his confession and kept saying he was having a sexual relationship with a ghost.

The judge now at her limits, and to prove her point, asked the court audience: “Has anyone here ever had intercourse with a ghost before?”

The courtroom was silent as everyone looked around.

But an older man in the back raised his hand.

The judge was shocked! He confirmed with the man, “Sir, do you mean to tell this court that you have had intercourse with a ghost before?”

The old man looked puzzled, and replied, “Sorry Your Honor, I thought you said goat!”

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