“You can’t be a VIRGIN and still be NORMAL”

by Vivek Gupta

Sex is one of the most normal, natural things in life.

Indeed, it is what causes life to be. That is why the urge to “do it” is strongly encouraged in our genes. To go against it is to go against nature itself.

Of course, we humans seem to be pretty good at that.

There are two ways one can stay virgin all life long.

One is to ignore all forms of sexual attraction; to suppress the physical and psychological urges of sex completely.

This does work for a while, and one gets a strange new feeling of righteousness and pride – it is equivalent to any sports accomplishment.

But the thing with suppressing natural urges is that they tend to get out another way, twisted and rotten into something else.

Ask the clergy, they probably know it better than anybody else!

Those that actually achieve true chastity, often tend to focus their attention in something else (commonly religion) and get fanatical. In fact it would be hard to find a “normal” forty-year-old virgin.

You can’t be a virgin that long and still be normal.

The second way of achieving lifelong chastity would be to use artificial ends to meet your sexual urges, and thus letting the tension out, thereby allowing your mind to stay healthy.

While that is obviously the more intelligent option, it cannot be seen as maintaining true virginity.

Instead of using a human you are using a hand or tool mimicking human body parts.

That effectively equates to losing one’s virginity. And not to mention the hypocrisy it presents, if the person still go about calling themselves virgins.

It’s okay, though, in comparison to the other option.

In short, to remain virgin lifelong, you can either be mad or be a hypocrite.

Your choice.

Wouldn’t it be simpler, though, to be normal?

The main reason anyone would ever choose to remain a virgin all their life is for religious reasons.

But last I checked, disobeying nature always comes with consequences!

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