How to have great sex with your partner in Nigeria

by Miz Tee

Most Nigerian couples do not believe sex needs so much preparation. You’d only need to hear the kind of places and conditions people have had sex at to understand what I am talking about.

Not saying unplanned and spontaneous sex is wrong (it can be magical on its own), yet, nothing beats a correctly planned sex.

1. The right person

This is perhaps the most essential ingredient. Sex with the right will not only turn out great but incredibly satisfying.

The great thing about having sex with the right person is that it eliminates the possibility of an embarrassing awkwardness. Even if it did occur, the sex would still be so good that it would not be remembered. To have great sex, ensure that the person you are with is the right person for you.

2. The right place

I cannot emphasize this enough. Having sex while standing at the back of an uncompleted building will never compare to what you get in a comfortable, fully airconditioned room. Someone like me, I like comfortable sex.

No matter the push, I cannot give in to stressful sex. I must only have sex where I feel very relaxed and not nervous.

3. The right mood

Except you are a maniac, nobody is in the mood for sex all the time. Forced sex can be awkward so it’s better to relax till you and your partner are in the right mood. When the mood is right, things will easily fall in place and the possibility of sex turning boring is completely eliminated.

4. Personal preparation

Mood is not enough, you have to be sex ready before the act. You have to have showered, brushed or popped some mint into your mouth. You shouldn’t dive into sex when you are not ready.

Don’t suffocate your partner with your morning breath — get your mouth fresh and clean first before looking for who to kiss.

5. Play it safe

Young couples should learn to embrace the culture of safe sex. The notion that raw sex is sweeter is faulty and untrue. Nothing keeps me relaxed after sex than the feeling of knowing the sex was safe. I have no fear of STDs and the anxiety of getting on anti-pregnancy pills is not there. I’ve also realized that safe sex is just as satisfying as going raw, if not more.

6. Try new things

Routine sex can become boring over time. It might be time for you and your partner to switch things up a bit.

Instead of the regular bedroom sex, you can go to a nice resort for the weekend and try sex in a different place. You can also do other simple, fun things couples do before getting into the sex eventually.


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