How I started sleeping with my neighbour…

by Miss Monica

I recently moved to a new apartment at the outskirts of town.

As the truck stopped in front of my door and started offloading my things, the door of the next flat swung open and this tall, brown-colored guy stepped out.

“Hello,” he said, waving slightly.


“Want some hand?”

Of course I do, but I immediately didn’t say so. I must have kept my eyes on him for a good number of minutes because he cocked his brows, in a way to mean he was waiting for an answer to his question.

“Yes, yes!” I said, realizing myself. “I’d be most grateful.”

“Okay.” Then he held the end of his shirt and pulled it off, revealing a complete set of well-chiseled hot body.

I swallowed and turned my eyes away.

I’ve come with some really heavy stuff and it took us a few hours to move them all in.

After we finished moving the furniture, we sat together and had some wine.

And we both passed out on the coach.

I woke up in middle of night to find him kissing my neck.

I was kind of sleepy and tired, but I said nothing.

“Should I stop?” I heard him whisper. His voice was low and deep, and his breath had the pleasant flavor of wine and something minty.

“No, no, don’t stop!” I said.

Gently, he pulled off my shirt and closed one of my nipples with his lips.

It felt strangely sweet and I whizzed. I pulled my back to the coach and he relaxed into my arms while I breastfed him, baby-like.

With one hand he pulled down my sweatpants and slipped two fingers into me.

“O-ooh!” I cried out in pleasure.

I twitched as he moved his fingers in and out of me, his lips still locked to my nipple.

After what seemed like a full hour of sugary pleasure, he unzipped his shorts and pushed a great big shaft all the way into my mouth.

I worked on him for quite a while before he rose, completely pulled away my pants and brought his face into the meeting of my thighs.

I cried out again as I felt his warm tongue inside me.

It must have been unusually long because it was reaching a spot I never imagined a tongue could reach.

I’d come twice even before he pulled off his shorts and drove himself all the way into me!


Monica is a single mother, teacher, realist, book author and love maker.

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One Comment on “How I started sleeping with my neighbour…”

  1. Ever heard of the word protection? Condom and please what happened to getting to know a man before going the white nine yards with him.

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