DNB Stories New Series – Gbagada Wives!!!

by Staff writer

A new series is hitting DNB Stories this month!

Gbagada Wives revolves around the stories of three women living in the Gbagada area of Lagos State.

Just like anything DNB, there will be suspense, tears, laughter, secrets and lots and lots of drama.

Pilot episode of Gbagada Wives will be posted tomorrow but subsequent episodes will be posted every Saturday so be sure not to miss the fun.

Remember, we must get at least 10 comments each week for new episodes to appear.

Any week we didn’t get enough comments, an episode will be skipped!

So share the news with friends and family and also let them know the importance of commenting.

Of course your comments are too small a price to pay for the amount of entertainment we offer but what can we do?

We are just naturally nice people.

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