Daniel Nkado on Dealing with Being BROKE

by Daniel Nkado

Feeling low or anxious is a normal response when you don’t have enough money or are struggling with debt.

Money stress can affect everything from your job, marriage and interaction with people.

Financial stress have been found to be a leading cause of depression and anxiety in most people.

These top 8 tips will help you cope better with your money worries:

1. Stay active

Don’t let money worries stop you from living life. Please read this previous post from me.

Keep seeing your friends, keep your CV up to date and try to keep paying the bills. If you have more time because you’re not at work, take up some form of exercise – it can improve your mood if you’re feeling low.

2. Face your fears

If it looks like you’re going into serious debt, get advice on how to prioritize your debts. When people feel anxious, they sometimes avoid talking to others.

Some people can lose their confidence when riddled with debts. Learn to accept that your debts will not stay unpaid. Instead of avoiding them, talk to the people you owe and let them know you are doing everything you can to pay off all that you owe.

3. Alcohol does not help

Don’t ever make the stupid mistake of thinking you can drink your money problems away. Turning to alcohol during a financial crises will only worsen the situation and will very likely to land you in more debt issues!

4. Avoid vain people

You will soon realize who your true friends are when you are broke. Immediately stay away from friends who are only interested in what you have and not who you are. Realize that materials and property does not define you — your personality does.

Never allow anyone make you feel the pressure of doing certain things to “belong”. Don’t ever spend the money you don’t have!

5. Eat healthy

Stay away from drugs and be sure to eat as healthily as possible. Fortunately, it is actually cheaper to maintain a healthy diet of simple proteins, fruits and vegetables than otherwise.

6. Avoid crime

Money problems could easily tempt you into doing illegal stuff to make ends meet. Know that it is not true that crime would solve your money problems. It never will and will only complicate issues for you.

7. Know that you are not alone

Don’t be fooled, many people in their 20s and 30s are struggling. You are not alone. Everyone’s in the midst of figuring it out, so keep those people around you to confide in, vent with, and to exchange advice.

8. Realize there is hope

Money problems like most problems will end. Most billionaires you see today were once broke. Learn to draw inspiration from other people’s stories. Learn to find happiness in the little things!


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