10 strange things that happen only in Nigeria

by Staff writer

Whether you are Nigerian or not, you’ve probably known (or heard) Nigeria is not your regular country.

There are some things that happen here that will have you questioning if the country is on the same planet with others.

Here are some of them:

1. Once there is rain, the light will go off!

And it won’t be restored till after some days because, according to the power company, they must allow some days for the wires to “dry”.

2. Guys do not marry the type of girls they dated

When looking for a girlfriend, they visit night clubs or Facebook. But when it is time to settle down, they start going to church.

3. People say “I’m a pastor” to mean they are innocent

In Nigeria, “I’m a pastor” loosely translates to “I’m incapable of committing a crime”. Nigerians intentionally carry a Bible around to avoid being questioned by the authorities.

4. Victims get blamed for any mishap they face

If you lose something, you are careless. If you get raped, you didn’t dress properly.

5. Nobody says the real amount they bought something

Every Nigerian does this. To get the real price when you ask someone how much they got something, subtract one-fifth of the amount they tell you out.

6. Yoruba people block streets to set up a party

One or more of the streets leading to your house is probably blocked every Saturday for Yoruba people to have their owambe.

7. In Igbo land, people wear masks during festivals to ask for money

And if you don’t give them, they will flog you mercilessly with their long sticks and canes. The funny thing is that you will still have to pay them before they can leave you.

8. Every owl is a witch in Nigeria

Every strange animal, in fact. From bush babies to armadillos to odd-colored cats, they are probably some old witch looking to suck some blood.

9. Police only arrest poor people

Once a rich man or a person of power is involved, the story quickly changes.

10. Government workers collect money from people to do their job

This happens everywhere in Nigeria, from Local Government workers to those in federal ministries.

You can add yours!

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