If your armpit smells bad, you might have this condition…

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Sweating is perfectly normal. When you don’t sweat, your body can’t cool itself, which can lead to overheating and sometimes to heatstroke — a potentially fatal condition.

While some people don’t sweat at all (a condition known as anhidrosis), some do so abnormally.

Hyperhidrosis is an abnormal condition where a person sweats profusely even when not exercising or in hot weather.

The person suffering from this condition may sweat so much that they get completely soaked in sweat.

Because skin bacteria quickly acts on substances found in sweat, people with hyperhidrosis often suffer severe body odor issues.

Good news is that hyperhidrosis can be treated, mostly with prescription-strength antiperspirants.

If antiperspirants don’t help, you may need to try different medications and therapies.

In severe cases, your doctor may suggest surgery either to remove the sweat glands or to disconnect the nerves responsible for the overproduction of sweat.

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