How to spot a bitter Nigerian woman

Life throws a lot at us and sometimes it can be too much but while some people heal and learn, bitter people do not. A bitter person stays sad or angry over an issue they have witnessed or an experience they have been through.

Ugly experiences in life are a reality but some people make good out of these bad experiences and become better. A bitter person on the other hand stays permanently angry or sad over some issues and would readily take out their frustration on anyone. There is a reason why people are often advised to stay away from a bitter person at all cost.

Here are 7 signs that will help you spot a bitter Nigerian woman or man:

1. They are very judgmental

A bitter Nigerian woman or man holds pre-set opinions about everyone they meet and this instant assessment often comes from a place of contempt. This is the reason a bitter person rarely make friends. They immediately put any new person they meet in their bad book, thereby ruining any chance of friendship and amiability.

2. They are super pessimistic

A bitter person already struggles to accept there is any good in life so it is often hard for them to take an optimistic view of life. In fact, the most bitter woman in Nigeria would not want to have anything to do with a happy man and vice versa. Bitter people often choose to stay away from happy people. Most times, they battle to understand why people get so excited about certain things.

3. They are ungrateful

You know that saying about “celebrating your small wins”, well, that’s not for a bitter person. A bitter person often always feel life is unfair to them. They don’t care what great experience they just had – they will rather hold on to the hurt of the past. This is why it is extremely hard to please a bitter person.

4. They don’t trust anyone

Oftentimes, a bitter person has a darkness they are dealing with. They probably might have trusted in the past and gotten betrayed so they hold on to this hurt and refuse to let go. This makes them easily distrustful. The more you try to show them you care, the more they suspect you are coming to get them or coming to cheat them of something. They suspect every move you make and will never really let you in on their emotions.

5. They get annoyed easily

This is one of the common telltale signs that give out a bitter person. Things a normal person will simply and easily overlook, a bitter person will make a mountain out of it and will go on and on about the offense. This could be something as simple as sitting on their spot in a public place.

6. They don’t forgive easily

A bitter person is the worst kind of person to offend. Your apology will keep falling on deaf ears and they will keep letting you know somehow that they have not forgiven you. Bitter people are full of regret and obviously have not forgiven themselves for a lot of things they did or allowed in the past. This situation makes it extremely hard for them to forgive anyone or let things slide.

7. They are extremely vindictive and hold a lot of grudge

Paybacks are every bitter person’s thing. They will only need to find the perfect situation to deliver their revenge on something you have done to them. A bitter person can spend years planning their revenge, sometimes on something you are not even aware had hurt them. They often will not let you know that you have offended them especially if they know you will start apologizing. They actually do not want your apology. Getting even is more satisfactory to them.

There are more attributes but these seven points are the reason you should be careful when dealing with a bitter person.

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