Oshodi – The Lagos city you shouldn’t mess with!

by Soogun Omoniyi

I recently went to drop some documents in Lagos.

I was to go with a friend who stayed in Lagos. He was going to drop his documents too, so we had decided I would wait for him in The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death, popularly known as Oshodi.

So I got to Oshodi — which by the way, gets better by the month — that morning, and lurked around, checking every heartbeat, if my backpack, phone and body parts were still with me.

I was certain the passing boys would have seen a lean soldier, ready for war under the bridge that morning.

You see, I had heard and read a lot about how ruthless and magical it could get here, but I hadn’t experienced any yet. Nevertheless, I should be careful. Right?

I called and called, but my friend didn’t pick. When he finally did, he said he was close, that I should be patient.

Patience? On the battle ground? Never!

I began walking towards the direction where he would appear. I hadn’t taken too many steps when he came into sight with his bag, zipped and glued to his back.

After all the greetings, we proceeded towards another section of Oshodi where we would board a vehicle to Victoria Island.

We were still catching up when he decided to pick something from his bag.

Ladies and gentlemen, as he eased it off his shoulders, we saw a bag which had been securely zipped moments ago now unzipped halfway, so that the brown envelope that housed his documents was hanging out.

How? By who? I was right beside him?! It wasn’t even as if we had been pushing through a tight crowd?

It was either someone already had access to an invisibility cloak or someone was evil-level good. Either way, I felt gas-lighted a little bit.

Thankfully, nothing was missing.

But the bag no longer went to his back, he threw it forward and began carrying it like some pregnancy till we reached our destination.

Let’s see the invisibility cloak face-to-face.

Mine automatically became a handbag!


Soogun Omoniyi – Nightcrawler, wordbender and pancaker.

I don’t like sarcasm. I’m from the future. Precisely 2053.


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