Two really good bits of advice about making money

by Staff writer

Two people share two great stories about money.

1. Ali Danish, student, says:

As a child, I always thought that money is of secondary importance and our family and friends always comes first.

But one day I had an argument with my father about money, that one should not prioritize money over friends and family, and he gave me this advice which I still remember.

“Dad! But you should not work so hard for money, money is not that important. Family should come first,” I said to my dad.

Then my Dad replied:

“Yes family and friends are important, but money is equally important as well, because when you are not able to provide for your family, when you aren’t able to fulfill their wishes, they will start blaming you.

“Even your spouse and children put the blame on you, for not having enough money to give them comfort lives. Even your mother will get upset, when you won’t be able to buy her medicines, your close friends will get away from you eventually, and most of the fights between family are because of lack of money. So I advice you, to always keep family ahead but give equal importance to money, as money is what keeps the balance between you and your relationships.”

As a child I didn’t believe him, that such relationships could be affected by money, but as I grow up, I see that he was right. Not always, but most of the time, lack of money creates such problems even with our close relationship which could have been easily avoided with enough money.

Now I give enough importance to money and I believe that was the best advice about money someone ever gave me.


2. Nikhil Jain, writer and blogger, says:

If you’re honest, hard working and always doing things ethically, there are more chances that money will not come to you quickly.

But whatsoever amount you will earn, you will remain satisfied and motivated with it.

On the other hand, if you earn money through unethical practices, you may earn a fat bank balance but at the cost of your satisfaction and peace.

Your soul will remain greedy for life.

God has given both these options to us; it is just a matter of choice for any individual. Most of us start earning in a fair manner but later on, due to the hunger for money and societal pressure, we tend to ignore the respect of process.

The irony of this situation is that most of us don’t accept the fact of unethical earnings.

Unethical earnings may be tax evasions, contamination in products, wrongful acts and so on.

So my life advice is to earn money fairly and cleanly, may be little less in volume for the world, but extremely solid in your eyes.

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