5 sure signs they don’t really love you

by Staff writer

Love is sweet and fun, but only when it is mutual.

Finding two people with same and equal commitment to each other is one of the rarest things to come upon though.

That said, enduring unrequited love is something nobody should go through. It is always better to let go and move on with your sanity than to keep chasing shadows.

Here are top 10 signs they are not really into you, no matter what your head keeps telling you:

1. They don’t initiate calls or texts, nor return them in time

If it ever feels you are forcing communication, the truth is that they are not that into you. No matter how tired, busy, or moody they are, it’d never stop them from wanting to talk to you.

2. They pull back when you touch them

A person that loves you will not avoid your touch. In fact, you don’t even need to touch them — just a few obvious signals is enough and they’d rightly jump on it. If they are not feeling that way, then it might be time to quit and move on.

3. They are never available

People always want to be around who they love, so if you keep getting excuses why they are not ready to meet it’s a clear sign they don’t love you.

4. They are chasing after other people

No matter what the lifestyle they are used to is, when a person finds the one, he or she will slow down. If their focus is never on you, you are not loved.

5. They don’t care about you seeing other people

People tend to protect what they love.

Someone who is into you, even just a little bit, would probably be bothered that you are seeing other people. If they don’t, then they are obviously not into you.


No matter who you are and where you are, you are quite capable of being loved, wholly and unhindered — so always remember this before choosing to stick around love that is not forthcoming.

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