Read why this bride arrested her caterer on her wedding day

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A heartbroken Filipino bride had her caterer arrested after cutting into her wedding cake only to find out half of it was actually made from polystyrene foam.

Shine Tamayo, 26, and her partner Jhon Chen, 40, had paid 140,000 pisos (about $2,700) to their wedding planner to supply food and decorations at their reception in Pasig City, the Philippines.

However, upon arrival after the church ceremony, they discovered that not only was there no food for their guests – their two-tiered wedding cake was also a fraud.

When Ms Tamayo sliced through the icing of her cake, she discovered it had been stuffed with polystyrene (a generic version of Styrofoam).

While the top tier of the couple’s cake was real, the bottom part was made of foam.

The humiliated bride covered her face and broke down in tears in front of her family and friends.

She was so distraught that guests had to bundle the caterer to the local police station.

Officers who inspected the two-tier wedding cake confirmed that the base was made entirely from foam wrapped in red icing.

The wedding planner Krissa Cananea was interrogated and according to the police spokesperson has been booked for trial.

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