Married couples now go on honeymoons alone!

by Staff writer

The era of honeymoons might be hitting its end real soon.

Apparently, couples are no longer celebrating their first days of wedded bliss together on a Carribean beach or an exotic Italian hotel.

Instead, according to the New York Times, they’re now booking separate, solo vacations called “uni-moons” where each person chooses his or her favourtite destination and thing to do and go off alone.

A new survey says 1 in 4 Americans report they actually get more out of travel when doing it alone.

The Time’s article talked about a certain couple who couldn’t agree on a honeymoon location.

The groom wanted to go to France … to watch soccer, but the bride has no interest in this.

So she chose to visit “a friend” in Toronto instead, while her new hubby headed to Europe to watch sports with his bros.

Then there was another couple who had to go on separate work trips after their wedding and decided to take their solo-moon vacations to there.

“It’s a very individualistic, modern practice of efficiency over everything else,” that groom tells the Times.

“I think that it’s tied with workaholism and being on the work-and-spend treadmill when you can’t even coordinate one of the most important times of your life together.”
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