Rare video of Sunday’s Ethiopian airline crash

by Staff writer

Sunday’s Ethiopian Airline crash is indeed an international tragedy.

The Nairobi, Kenya-bound plane went down within minutes of taking off from Addis Ababa, killing all 157 people on board.

The passengers were from 35 nations, the airline said, with the greatest share from Kenya.

Among others, the crash killed 32 Kenyans and 18 Canadians, including Nigerian-born scholar and author Pius Adesanmi who was the director of Carleton University’s Institute of African Studies.

“Pius Adesanmi was a towering figure in African and post-colonial scholarship and his sudden loss is a tragedy,” said Benoit-Antoine Bacon, president and vice-chancellor of Ottawa university.


Edit: Upon further investigation, we have confirmed that the above video is NOT that of the recent Ethiopian crash.

It was sent to us in error.

It is actually the video of a Cargo 747-400 crashing on take off to Bagram AFB, Afghanistan.

We deeply apologize for the misinformation; it is not in our nature to mislead our audience.

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2 Comments on “Rare video of Sunday’s Ethiopian airline crash”

  1. This is NOT the Ethiopian rash. This made up video shows a 4 engine aircraft crash, the tragic Ethiopian crash was a 2 engine 737 max 8

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