Photos of this woman crying over her dog will completely melt your heart!

by Staff writer

Pets can be so adorable you couldn’t help getting attached to them.

And just like the humans we love, losing a beloved pet can be so unbearable, just as the pictures below depict.

The woman broke down in tears on seeing her lifeless dog after it was hit by a car.

Attachment to pets (especially dogs) is completely normal. Despite how many loved ones we have around us, there’s still that tiny vacuum only an adorable pet can fill.

Pets love and accept us unconditionally. They do not care who we are, how much we are worth or what we do…once they are yours they are yours and nothing can change that.

According to the Pet Food Manufacturing Association (PFMA), 13 million households in the UK have a pet and families with children are more likely to include a pet.

There are about 8 million dogs and 8 million cats kept as pets in the UK.

Animals offer people a form of acceptance and unconditional positive regard that can be difficult to find outside of pet-people relationships and for this reason attachment to pets can be intense, sometimes more intense than with people.

It is therefore very understandable we can experience intense grief when facing pet bereavement such as when a pet dies or strays or has to be re-homed due to changed circumstances.
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