Why Nigeria will NEVER develop

by Staff writer

Nigeria is a country riddled with so many problems, but a nation does not prosper because they have no challenges.

It is the response to these challenges that make the difference.

Take the UK and the Brexit crisis for instance. The country has been in trouble since the drive to exit the EU started.

But you know how they are different from Nigeria?

They are continuously looking for solutions. Even when nothing seems to be working, they keep on trying. That is something Nigeria is not familiar with.

What actually makes the entire Nigeria situation look si bleak is the attitude of our leaders and the people they are leading.

1. Nigerian Leaders:

The people leading Nigeria does every other thing but care about Nigeria. Nigeria has not one single upright and devoted leader. The system is messed up from the very top, so it’s not even possible for one good person to make any difference.

What do you expect from corrupt leaders who don’t even believe in the future of the country they are ruling. Check well: every single Nigerian leader has a house (or houses) abroad, or at the least aspiring to. Their kids and entire family live abroad and all their investments are there.

Corruption and nepotism have eaten so deep into Nigeria’s government system that we are on the edge of collapse. 

2. Nigerian People:

Nigerian people are like puppets in the hand of the government. Just like the leaders, they don’t even care for the country they are born in.

The dream of every hardworking Nigerian youth is to leave. The situation is so hopeless that nobody believes in the future anymore.

These are some of the attitudes of Nigerians that have held the country back for ages:

a. Lack of interest in politics

Young Nigerians have no single interest in politics. Their interest lies more in gossip and entertainment and celebrities and Big Brother Naija.

b. Tribalism

There is a saying that ‘a house divided against itself cannot stand’. Nigerians would rather gather and squabble among themselves about tribes and origin than carry out a well-coordinated protest against bad governance.

This attitude also affects who we elect as leaders. We’d rather vote in our incompetent “brother” from our place than give a more competent person from another tribe a chance.

c. Religion

Nigerians are over-zealously religious. And religion has a way of reinforcing inaction. The time that could have been better spent doing something, we lie low and try to pray our problems away.

Every single day, you will hear Nigerians say: “Only God will save this country!”

That’s not true. Things will only begin to change the moment we stand up and take action.

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