Nigerian lady commits suicide after losing her phone

A Nigerian lady identified as Nora Able has allegedly committed suicide because she lost her phone.

According to reports on social media, Nora was distraught when she lost her expensive phone she just bought and later drank poison and died.

Friends of the 20-something-year-old confirmed the incident on Facebook, saying that Nora killed herself because she lost her phone.

Late Nora Able was a beauty queen from Uyo in Akwa Ibom State. She was found unresponsive and foaming in the mouth after she ingested a poisonous substance, reports say. She was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead later that same day.

Nora Able has been buried and her friends held a candlelight session in her honour yesterday, Sunday, October 4. Nora was the reigning president of an association called The Clever Girls Foundation before her demise.

The Clever Girls Foundation mourns Nora
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3 Comments on “Nigerian lady commits suicide after losing her phone”

  1. I might not know her but; there’s no way I’ll believe a girl of THIS GENERATION poisoned herself because of ITEL PHONE (no be iPhone ooh, even if na iPhone sef)
    Fine.. She drank poisoned and confirm dead but what proof is it that SHE POISONED HERSELF!!! After all what she has pass thru in life: not even thinking about her Family (ooh Mum’s heart?) and just decided to LIVE EARTH..

    So ya’ll all should not come out here and tell me the same story coz its so unbelievable… Her FB account got deactivated, how it that even possible when she (supposing) LOST HER PHONE..

    LIE… I repeat… LIES even know I can’t fix out what exactly

    We can’t change the past though and all I’ll have to say is RIP BAE

    1. DNB even you people are believing this story’ Nora I know will not kill herself because of ordinary phone. I even heard it was Itel phone she lost. That’s not true. She doesn’t use an itel phone

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