Full biography of Dave Chappelle’s son, Ibrahim Chappelle and other facts about him

Written by Deborah Oladapo

Who is Ibrahim Chappelle

Ibrahim Chappelle is the popular 17-year old son of Hollywood comedian, Dave Chappelle. Unlike his celebrity father, Ibrahim Chappelle is not currently associated with the entertainment industry or the media.

Full data profile of Ibrahim Chappelle

Full nameIbrahim Chappelle
Age17 years
State of OriginOhio, USA
ParentsDave Chappelle and Elaine Mendoza Erfe
Marital StatusSingle
CareerCelebrity kid

Ibrahim Chappelle’s childhood

Ibrahim Chappelle was born in Yellow Springs, Ohio, USA. He is the second of David Chappelle’s three children. Ibrahim Chappelle was born in the year 2003, but the month and date of his birth remain unknown.

Ibrahim Chappelle’s education

Ibrahim Chappelle currently attends a private high school in Ohio, USA, but the exact stage of his education and the location of the school has not been revealed. Information about Ibrahim Chappelle’s education has been kept private by his parents who wish to cut all forms of public attention on the family’s affairs.

Ibrahim Chappelle’s parents

Ibrahim Chappelle is the child of Nollywood celebrity comedian, writer, actor, and movie producer, Dave Chappelle. Ibrahim Chappelle’s mother Elaine Mendoza Erfe is Filipino.

Dave Chappelle got converted to Islam in 1998, which accounts for why his children all have Muslim names. David Chappelle and Elaine Mendoza’s marriage, which began in 2003, has birthed three wonderful kids namely; Sulyman, Ibrahim and Sonal Chappelle.

David Chappelle and family

Dave Chappelle is also the owner and anchor of the popular American comedy skit show, ‘Chappelle’s Show’.

Despite Dave Chappelle’s fame in the United States and beyond, he and his wife have collectively agreed to shield their children from media palaver. The family’s marriage and affair are kept private and very little is known about them via the internet.

Ibrahim Chappelle’s career

The young boy is currently in high school and has not yet revealed the career path he is willing to pursue.

Ibrahim Chappelle’s relationship with father

Ibrahim Ibrahim Chappelle and his father appear to be quite fond of each other. Several times on stage, Dave Chappelle has made references to some of his son’s funny escapades. One time, Ibrahim Chappelle made a necklace for his father out of macaroni. When making a joke out of it on stage, his father said ‘you used to live in my balls, man, and now you are making jewellery out of macaroni’.

Dave Chappelle loves his son, Ibrahim, dearly and this is evident from the way he discusses him on his shows.

Ibrahim Chappelle right now

Not much is known about Ibrahim Chappelle at the moment. Just as stated earlier, his personal life is kept private. However, he currently attends a privately owned high school in the United States.

Ibrahim Chappelle’s net worth

17-year-old Ibrahim Chappelle is yet to begin his career. His ultimate focus right now is on his academics, hence, he has no personal net worth yet, but still depends on his father’s wealth.

Other facts about Ibrahim Chappelle

Ibrahim Chappelle is a huge fan of American prominent actor, Kevin Hart. When Kevin Hart hosted one of his shows, Ibrahim Chappelle did all he could to attend the show, and speak face-to-face with Kevin, through the help of his dad. Dave Chappelle revealed in one of his shows that Ibrahim Chappelle sees Kevin Hart as an idol.

Ibrahim Chappelle’s Instagram

Ibrahim Chappelle is not yet active on social media and does not have personal Instagram or Twitter account yet.

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