Meet Sharina Hudson, the woman who broke Wendy Williams’ marriage

Talk show host Wendy Williams and her ex-husband Kevin Hunter finalized their divorce early this year January 22, 2020. Wendy Williams and Kevin separated in April 2019 after 21 years of marriage after it was reported that Kevin Hunter was cheating. While still married to Wendy, Kevin Hunter started an affair with a woman named Sharina Hudson.

Who is Sharina Hudson?

Sharina Hudson is an American masseuse and chef who came into prominence after dating and having a baby with Wendy Williams’ ex-husband, Kevin Hunter. Sharina Hudson is widely reported in the media as “the woman who stole Wendy Williams’ husband”. A tabloid once named her “America’s most-famous side-chick of 2019”.

Not much is currently known about Sharina Hudson’s childhood. She is 34 years old as of 2020. Before her controversial relationship with Kevin Hunter, Hudson was relatively unknown. Her massage business attracted a lot of high-profile clients including celebrities but she was not linked with one before Kevin Hunter. Sharina Hudson began dating Kevin Hunter while he was still married to Wendy Williams. Sharina Hudson and Kevin Hunter were reportedly together for around 15 years before their affair became public.

Sharina Hudson’s Baby With Kevin Hunter

Before Sharina Hudson came into the picture, Wendy Williams and ex-husband Kevin Hunter were married for over 20 years. The two got married in November 1997 and have a 19-year-old son together. The marriage had not drawn any major controversy in the past before Kevin Hunter started an affair with Sharina Hudson, It was the exposition of the affair that led to Wendy Williams’ separation from Kevin Hunter. Wendy Williams did not file for divorce immediately after she discovered her husband was having an affair with Sharina Hudson.

In fact, at one point, her tepid reaction to her husband’s cheating drew her some criticism. Wendy later disclosed that the reason she did file for divorce immediately after she learnt Kevin Hunter was cheating on her with Sharina Hudson was that she did not want to ruin their decades-old marriage. Wendy Williams felt they could still work things out – until news of Sharina Hudson’s pregnancy came out.

Wendy Williams was reportedly devastated when she learned Kevin Hunter and his mistress Sharina Hudson were planning to have a baby. She and Kevin split shortly afterwards and Sharina Hudson later gave birth to a baby girl named Journey. Sharina Hudson’s baby was born in a Philadelphia hospital in March 2019. Sharina Hudson reportedly gave birth at Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia, having chosen Philadelphia over New York to avoid heavy press presence.

Sharina Hudson On Social Media

Following Sharina Hudson’s scandalous relationship with Wendy Williams’ husband, she chose to stay away from the public eye. She is not active on Facebook or Instagram and rarely posted pictures of herself or her baby. There are reports that Sharina Hudson is using a fake name on Instagram but these reports are largely unconfirmed. Though Sharina Hudson has not been active on social media, her involvement with Kevin Hunter has inspired a lot of social media discussions and trending hashtags in the past.

UPDATE: Sharina Hudson has re-emerged on Instagram after news of Williams and Hunter’s divorce died down. Her current Instagram handle is @sharina.nicola.

Other Interesting Details About Sharina Hudson

Sharina Hudson and Kevin Hunter started dating while he was still married to Wendy. They were reportedly together for around 15 years before their affair came public. In fact, Kevin Hunter reportedly led a double life all the years he was having an affair with Sharina Hudson while still married. A close source who talked to reporters about Sharina Hudson’s affair with Kevin Hunter said: “Kevin is with Sharina three or four times a week, often staying over. But then he goes home to Wendy as if everything is normal there too. He’s living a double life”.

It was also revealed that Sharina Hudson was a family friend to Wendy and Kevin before she went on to start an affair with Kevin Hunter.

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