‘If you catch me in your boyfriend’s house, please don’t beat me’ – Nigerian lady begs

A Nigerian lady on Twitter has pleaded with her fellow ladies who might one day find her in their boyfriend’s house to not beat her when that happens.

The lady said instead of turning violent and beating her, the girlfriend should instead quietly ask her to go and she will obey.

She wrote:

“If it happens that your boyfriend is my boyfriend and you now meet me in his house, please don’t beat me. Just tell me to go and I will go. Don’t beat me o…especially on my head. They don’t use to beat me on my head.”

The rather hilarious tweet has garnered a lot of reactions from Nigerian Twitter users with many agreeing to what she wrote.

One female Twitter user wrote:

“Exactly….there’s no need for the violence. It’s not like the beating will stop you from going next time.”

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