Bolu Okupe schools homophobic Kenyan man who wished him death

Bolu Okupe, the son of former Nigerian presidential aide Doyin Okupe, who recently came out as gay has schooled a homophobic Kenyan man who told him he would have been a corpse if he lived in his country.

The Kenyan man wrote on Bolu’s Instagram page:

“Somewhere in Kenya, you could be a corpse. We Black colored never go against our God!! Stay with your stupidity in France.”

Reacting to the very shocking comment, Bolu Okupe took out time to school the man, reminding him that the religion he is referring to actually came from French and English people who have since moved past the hate.

Bolu Okupe wrote in reply to the Kenyan man:

“Your whole mentality is tragic and I feel sorry for you. Your religion has turned you into a psychotic imbecile that you actually think it’s okay to kill people.

“First, you said ‘stay in France with your stupidity’ – Sir, who do you think gave Africans Christianity? It was the French and English who pushed the religion on you that you are calling ‘Black colored’. You should educate yourself a bit.

“Second, the Europeans who gave you your religion have since moved past that because the world has developed while people like are still stuck in the 18th century, and you should know that the same religion that you so deeply cherish, gave people a justification to enslave your ancestors in the past.

“And if you really think making someone a ‘corpse’ because of sexual orientation is justifiable then you and your ‘God’ are the worst type of demonic scum. You are extremely delusional and I hope one day you will educate yourself, if not, I really don’t care, you will die ignorant and on the wrong side of history.”

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